1. Better Of Me

From the recording Better of Me


Verse 1:

Riding the wave, feeling afraid

When you’ve got nothing left to lose

It’s only time that can tell us why

But it’s not my time today

Pre Chorus:

I’m trying to be the better of me, but I can’t hold back the memories

Of what we would do when we had nothing to lose

Now it’s ending so suddenly


I took a shot I gave you all I got. Now you won’t even take the time of day

To show me love to give me your all, so I guess that’s all I’ve got to say

To be afraid is not in my way I don’t care about what you say

Taking it slow Nowhere left to go, its just another day by day

Verse 2:

It’s a waking dream, a beautiful scene

But it has faded away

I got what I want just not what I need

And we have to turn the page